What You Should Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, can be a real pain. The truth of the matter is, the vast majority of people will have to have their wisdom teeth extracted at some point in time. For most of us, the recommendation brings with it some uncertainty and some anxiety, as with anything relating to oral surgery.

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While a surgeon can extract them at any point, the older a patient is when they undergo the procedure can play a part in both the surgery and the recovery. Typically, the younger the age of the patient going through a wisdom teeth extraction, the lower the risk of complications.

The results of studies conducted on the issue show a lower number of complications related to the procedure as well as the healing process in patients younger than their mid-twenties. Most of the time, it is during the time of a patient’s teens to mid-twenties that their dentist recommends wisdom teeth extraction.

While your l surgeon will not want to wait too long to take out wisdom teeth, they also won’t want to do it too early either. Yes, there is a time that your wisdom teeth are ripe for the picking. Trying to take them out too early can be difficult because if the teeth are not developed enough, they will be difficult to manipulate. This is why it isn’t until the late teens to mid-twenties that this type of extraction is recommended.