The Healing Process Of Trauma

Have you ever gone through a traumatic experience? If yes then you probably know what it's like to struggle with frightening memories, the feeling of constant danger and painful emotions. Feeling numb, disconnected and skeptical about the people around is not easy to overcome.

However, an effective ‘trauma therapy in Ringsted Mid-zealand’ (also known as ‘traume terapi ringsted midtsjlland’ in Danish) that is guaranteed to overcome the paralyzing grip of trauma is to find out the event that makes you sad and send it to a place where it belongs.

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Trauma is a type of mental disorder that is primarily due to a very stressful event or experience in an individual's life. These events may drastically affect the feeling of security in a lot of people and make them vulnerable to the threat of a dangerous world.

Therefore, the experience leaves you scared, alone, unprepared and helpless can be the cause of your injury. Two steps are necessary for the process of healing from trauma are:

Dealing with trauma memory:

trauma usually exists in fragments in the individual mind and often rekindled by him/her, in the form of sounds, smells, sensations of the body, the emotions raw, frightening images and others and fresh as they first experienced by them. These fragments are put together and put into a single perspective.

The use of the accumulated "flight-or-fight" memory:

As your body facing the threat; immediately prepared to act in an emergency situation. Automated processes and biological responses are called flight-or-fight. This feedback gives you extra energy to either flee or fight the threat. When the danger goes beyond, gradually you get back to normal and relaxed.