The Advantages Of Modern Dentures In Melrose

Most people just do their normal daily activities like eating and talking. However, this simple task can become a big challenge if you lose one or more prematurely mature teeth due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, or an accident. 

Fortunately, it's relatively easy nowadays to replace missing teeth with partial or complete artificial teeth, usually made from a combination of porcelain, plastic, and acrylic. 


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Partial dentures are used for one or two teeth, whereas full dentures are used when all the natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw are missing.

The advantages of modern dentures 

Bone loss: Tooth loss almost certainly causes bone loss. To maintain density, all bones must be stimulated. In the case of the bones in the jaw, stimulation occurs through the constant movement of the teeth. 

When teeth fall out, the jaw begins to break and shrink, depending on the number of teeth missing, which can actually cause the collapse of the facial structure, changing your appearance and making you look much more mature than you are. Dentures maintain relaxed facial muscles and structure which can add years to your appearance.

Appearance: Many people lose one or more of their adult teeth which may have been extracted due to dental problems or injury. Modern technology has enhanced dentures to such an extent that they look much more comfortable and natural.  

In conclusion, replacing lost teeth with dentures not only improves your appearance but also has a positive effect on your overall health.