What A Wireless Video Intercom Does?

A wireless video intercom is a more advanced version of the conventional intercom. The intercom, or intercommunication device, is a communications system that is used inside a building. This is a stand-alone device and does not depend on a telephone network in order to work.

Intercoms are basically used in order to identify unknown persons who are trying to enter a building, most often equipped with a security lock. In previous years, the intercom purely involved voice communications, however with advancements in technology, not only does it now have video, it has already evolved into a wireless system as well.

What's so Good About a Wireless Video Intercom?

For this type of intercom, installation is a lot more convenient because it does not involve wires and thus is easier to set up as well. Another good thing about having this wireless device is that it can easily be removed and replaced in a different part of the house any time you want to.

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You can even bring it with you in case you plan to relocate to a different house. Also, since the device already has video capture functions, it will be easier for you to identify who is speaking on the other line.