How To Decide If A Notebook Or a Laptop is Best Suited to My Needs?

It is important to consider the specifications of your laptop before you buy it. Often, a netbook is purchased as an impulse purchase that will not be used for a while. Your notebook must perform well in the intended use it will be used. 

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We will consider different notebook usage scenarios, starting with the most demanding to the most.

You need a notebook with a high-end specification to be able to play the latest games and enjoy smooth vibrant graphics. The graphics card or graphics chip must be extremely fast and have plenty of memory. 

Graphic chips can't generally be upgraded on laptops so it is important to consider this when buying a notebook. You should also plan for future needs over many years, assuming that the laptop won't need to be replaced every single year. You should also consider RAM. Without exception, games will run more smoothly on laptops that have a lot of memory. 

A notebook with lots of RAM and two hard drives is recommended if you plan to create and manipulate video production files. To ensure video sequences can be edited quickly, RAM and a fast CPU are essential.

If you are buying the netbook for business purposes, then most notebooks will be fine. However, it is possible to find one that comes with a selection of business software at no additional cost.

If the netbook isn't intended to be used for graphic design, gaming, or other video-related purposes, then most laptops currently manufactured should be fine. However, it is wise to consider future uses and upgrades.