Understand What Texas Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

Everyone knows that home insurance policies will differ from company to company and state to state. However, many people may not read their policy because they assume that their policy covers anything and everything. 

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flood insurance claims

Here are something's that may surprise you about what your homeowner's insurance doesn't cover:

  • Flood

First off, most policies don't cover damages caused by floods. Of course, for many people this isn't too much of a surprise. You must purchase a separate policy that is specifically for flood related issues. Be sure you have either thoroughly read through your particular policy or have contacted your insurance agent to be sure. 

  • Mold

Mold is another problem that some companies will require you to purchase an extra policy for. Mold can be caused by several different events, like your house not being sealed properly allowing moisture to enter into your home.

It can also occur from leaky pipes, or a flood. Since mold has become more and more popular, some companies choose not to cover it unless you purchase additional coverage. 

  • Property damage by nuclear war

One of the more extreme things that may not be covered by your policy is war or nuclear war. This means if your home is damaged from any type of war or militia tactics, then you cannot file a claim. 

There are a lot of things that may surprise you when it comes to what is and is not covered under your policy. If you have any doubts or questions, talk to your provider, adviser, or a trusted lawyer to see if they can explain the different regulations within your policy. 

Also, you always have the option of buying a second policy that covers specific instances like flood insurance. You can get quotes for your area online with just a few simple clicks.