Cloud-Based EDI Solutions

Cloud-based EDI refers to a growing number of offsite web-based tools that enable businesses to send, receive, store, and manage e-commerce information. As you probably already know, tools in the cloud are accessed and managed via a network connection, not a local computer.

Both EDI over VAN (Value Added Network) and web EDI are examples of integrated cloud-based solutions. You can find information regarding cloud EDI software via

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Cloud tools are inexpensive and can increase operational efficiency, increase end-to-end visibility, and drive smoother collaboration. Simply put, cloud EDI means less to create and less to manage.

Cloud-based EDI tools can also make it easier to use an EDI system. For example, WebEDI includes several browser tools, most of which are aimed at enhancing EDI, such as: Creating web forms that allow anyone to enter information directly into the EDI system, regardless of their technical experience. Even if it's not important to you, it can be very important to your supply chain partners.

Finally, cloud tools, especially those that run in browsers like web EDI, make B2B integration easier by allowing you to quickly join new trading partners, even those with no EDI experience. This is an important selling point for companies with trading partners who do not have the technology and infrastructure or knowledge of EDI.