Beer Brewing Instructions – Benefits of Beer

It would have been foolish to discuss the health and wellness benefits of beer a few years ago. Beer was initially known for its ability to make us forget our worries after a long day.

The truth is, beer has many health and nutritional benefits that may justify the claim that beer is good for you. You can visit the amazing brewing company in Des Moines at to have the best taste of beer.

It is essential to understand the ingredients that go into your favorite pint of beer in order to gain this new insight. Brewing is a method that uses common ingredients such as yeast, malt, and hops to create beer we love. 

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Beer is low in calories and fat and contains no cholesterol. A typical glass of beer contains only 5 grams of carbohydrate. Based on this number, you can see that there are many types of fruits that contain higher amounts of calories.

Beer also has a variety of minerals that it gets from its original ingredients. A glass of beer with 5 grams of calories can also contain 48 mg of phosphorus, 92% of potassium, 14 mg of calcium, and other trace amounts like iron and sodium. A beer's fiber and antioxidants are essential dietary elements for a healthy body.

However, this leads to an interesting point that needs to be addressed before we continue enumerating beer's nutritive value and consequently its health benefits. Beer is not the only food or drink that can have side effects if it is misused. 

It is easy to forget about the negative reputation beer has and start to appreciate its many health benefits. Antioxidants are excellent for protecting cells and tissues from free radical damage. They also preserve them and allow them to work longer and more efficiently.