Which Is The Best Time For Bhutan Tour?

Bhutan is an entirely mysterious, breath-taking and unique location. It's a landlocked nation in South Asia located in the eastern end of the Himalayas. With four millennia of residency, the Himalayan kingdom provides a lot of historical treasures, such as many magnificent temples. This is an ideal destination for travelers. 

This nation is also the best place to experience a breathtaking adventure. There are many tour agencies that provide trekking holiday packages for Bhutan. You can explore more about Bhutan adventure tours by navigating- https://www.tourinbhutan.com/activities/trekking-in-bhutan/

The most renowned and popular festival in Bhutan is certainly the Tsechus. It's the biggest and colorful festival in Bhutan. These are coordinated at Bhutan's fortresses and monasteries annually. It's celebrated in honor of Guru Rinpoche. It is possible to enjoy several Bhutan festival tours. 

Bhutan trekking holidays

Best time to see Bhutan

If you're thinking about visiting Bhutan then March, April, October and November months are normally the most effective peak period in Bhutan. This time is going to be the top months to get a trek. 

Bhutan is quite full of culture. The people of Bhutan have a wonderful language and lifestyles that you will love throughout your stay. You'll be surprised to see just how they treasure their surroundings and reside in harmony with its own elements. 

So visit Bhutan in its own joyous season to experience the most superb cultural ambiance.

What You Should Know About Nepal Bhutan Tours?

Nepal and Bhutan are the perfect tourist destination located in South Asia. Both countries are well known for their heritage sights, beautiful mountains, royal monarchies, interesting art, etc. 

The fresh and clear atmosphere of the place will make your trip enjoyable. If you want to explore the beauty of both places then you can refer to this link- https://www.tourinbhutan.com/trip/nepal-bhutan-tour/ to book your holiday package for Nepal Bhutan tours. 

The stunning beauty of the landscapes of these countries will leave you in awe. The unique culture and traditions of these countries are quite attractive. In this wonderful trip, you can collect a lot of new memories.

Nepal Bhutan tour packages

A brief introduction to Nepal

This is the best place for adventure lovers as it offers a lot of adventure sports such as trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, etc. But of all these sports, trekking in Nepal is a unique and amazing activity to perform. 

The land of thunder dragon: Bhutan

Two of the main attractions of this place are Thimpu and Paro valley. Other attractions that you can explore are the National Museum of Bhutan, Bumthang Valley, Mongar, Ta Dzong, Taktsang Monastery, temples, etc. All these places are exceptional will win your heart. 

You can plan a memorable trip to both countries with the assistance of a tour agency. So search on the internet to find a reputed tour operator for your Bhutan Nepal tour.