Do You Need A Personal Trainer in Sharjah?

You're embarking on a new fitness routine or you just need to shake up what you've got going on now so you're considering hiring a Personal Trainer. Well, good for you. A Personal Trainer can really help you raise your game and increase your fitness levels exponentially.

The first thing a Personal Trainer will do for you to take all your measurements and weigh you. They may even calculate your BMI and get out the skin calipers to see what your body fat percentage is. This way you'll know where you're at when starting out, and can track your progress as you go.

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What's the Difference Between a Fitness Coach and a Personal Trainer? The PTDC

Then you'll likely have some health questionnaires to fill out to make sure your Trainer knows about any injuries or illnesses and reacts accordingly when training with you. No sense making a past injury worse or putting you in danger if you're having heart or other health issues, right?

The next thing a Personal Trainer will do is write a fitness program specially designed to help you meet your personal goals. It might be a 'sports training specific' program if you're trying to get better at a specific sport like golf, soccer, or hockey, or it might be a 'weight loss' program or a 'muscle building program' depending on what your primary goal is.

These are personalized programs written on a client-by-client basis, not some template pulled out of a file and applied to every client. Your program will be what is just right for you. Your Trainer has a vested interest in seeing you get RESULTS, not just go through the motions on a generic program that everyone and their dog is doing that may not necessarily be the best thing for you.