Indian Dance Roots of Creativity

Dancing has been an expression form since ancient times. When it comes to emotions, dancing has always been a medium.Dancing can bring mental relaxation and refreshment.

You can check various Indian cultural Dance forms, which is also an entertainment form and can bring laughter and joy to those who love it. Dance has become a way to stay healthy and fit.

There are many forms of Indian dance. They can be classified as folk or classical. Different dance styles evolved from different cultural elements in India. Classical dance is based on theories and training that allow for expression. These can be traced back to classical texts.“Natya Shastra" Particularly. 

The Vedas were rituals that took the form of performing arts. These included music and dance, as well as dialogues to express the spiritual theme. Bharatnatyam, the Tamil Nadu classical dancers, is a popular practice mainly by women. It is performed often over Carnatic music. Kathakali was created to be performed in plays that depict mythical legends and plays of Hindu mythology. It was born in Kerala.

Kathak is believed to have originated in northern India from Kathakars, an ancient group of storytellers. Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh is a form of religious dancing that is linked to worship and temples. It was born in a Krishna District village.