Who Needs to Take a Fatigue Management Course?

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The fatigue management course is a course designed to teach people about fatigue, how to manage it, understand legislation, and follow compliances. Doing this course is now required by many government authorities in order to work and run a business. But this course is not for everyone. Here are the people who are required for the course:

Truck Drivers – Truck drivers who transport goods all over the country are the ones who face a lot of fatigue in their profession. Therefore, they are the foremost people who have to do a fatigue management course. The course will teach them many things including recognizing fatigue and reporting to the proper authority. 

Bus Drivers – Just like truck drivers, bus drivers also drive heavy vehicles for a long time. This can lead to fatigue. They have to know how to look for signs of fatigue and take action immediately as they have people’s lives in their hands. In many countries, bus drivers are required by law to know about fatigue management. 

Schedulers – Schedulers are the ones who make schedules of truck and bus drivers. They have to do fatigue management courses so they can recognize fatigue in drivers, judging the drivers’ capability, knowing about the rules & regulations, and reporting. Schedulers. For them a separate fatigue risk management course is available. 

Owners – Owners also need to know about fatigue in their drivers. Based on this, they can know about the risks and take measures accordingly to protect their drivers and business. 

To know everything about fatigue management, you can do an advanced fatigue management course. This course detailed enough to cover all aspects related to fatigue management.