Opening Your Own Company In Vietnam

Many companies have branches all over the world so as to serve their customers wherever they are. In the nation, there are firms that will help your business to flourish.

They assist you in company registry in Vietnam and legalizing your business as a limited company of which they charge a small amount of money for the services they give you.

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Being a rule in the nation that every company has a registered office, these companies will help you by supplying you with a registered office facility which will also include handling the task of forwarding your mails and many other functions. When you use a registered office, your corporation has privacy since your home address is not being used.

The company's official address is considered useful mostly by smaller companies running from home and those opening companies from other places outside the nation. It is advised that before choosing a name for your firm, you should go through the index of business names which helps you know whether the name you have used is already taken by another business.

It's also important to check the trademarks register of the property office, so as to avoid using one that is already taken. If the name you had proposed for your corporation is rejected by the company registry then the Company will give you an alternative one for no extra fee.

The company name will of course have to end with the word "Limited." It is very important to learn about these things so as to avoid problems with the law when you finally start running your company.