How to prune a tree the right way

Pruning your trees is one way to maintain their good health while cultivating the overall appearance and covers life expectancy. While pruning trees mainly include deleting new shoots around the outside perimeter of the tree for better aesthetics, you can also do some basic trimming or removing dead, unsightly, and insect-infested branches.

For example, many flowering trees have their buds in place before they bloom. Cutting off these blooms impulsively, therefore, would result in their inability to bloom the following season. There are various online sources where you can find the best tree trimming service.

Once you've recognized the proper season for tree trimming, then it's time to get hold of that tool and just cut back. Follow these steps on how to prune a tree:

1. Before you begin, determine which tool you are most comfortable with. A chainsaw is possibly the best implement for this, but if you are inexperienced in its use, a pruning saw with a telescopic handle will work just as well and is harmless to use.

2. Look at your tree care and decide in advance which branches should be removed, both to give it a neater and more beautiful shape, and to remove diseased and dead branches.

3. You may also want to pay particular attention to the back branches you see on your initial inspection: broken branches, low hanging branches, crisscrossing branches, those grown too close to the main trunk, and crowded branches.