Can Laser Stretch Mark Removal Eliminate Stretch Marks?

Would you like to go for laser stretch marks? Stretch marks are a skin problem that most of us face, but with other options for treating stretch marks, you should know how it works briefly and look at the pros and cons. What should you expect from laser stretch mark removal treatment?

Stretch marks occur in men and women, although women are more prone to getting them. Hormonal changes, weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy, and genetics are some of the factors that cause stretch marks.

Remove stretch marks is possible in a variety of ways. Surgical procedures including chemical peels and of course, laser surgery. Both are handled by professional practitioners and either request more than one session to complete the entire treatment.

First, what it does is it uses a narrow beam of light (hence the name of the procedure) that transmits through the skin to stimulate the skin cells in the dermis to produce new tissue. This takes 5-6 sessions before the scar is reduced, which is why it is so expensive.

When the laser permeates through the skin, fibroblasts split up again, causing the collagen to be stimulated and the skin under the scar to thicken, to blend evenly with normal skin. With this treatment, scars improved to reduce their visibility.

The good thing about laser removal of stretch marks is that the patients had a great opportunity to reduce or diminish the appearance of scars because of how this procedure works – namely, skin collagen stimulation.

Recent studies have shown that this method will help to dramatically improve or reduce scarring by fifty percent within three to six months after the first treatment.

If you can withstand the pain and can bear the huge cost and want a guaranteed way to get stretch marks to disappear from your eyes forever, then opt for laser removal of stretch marks.