Camping Tents – Which Type Is Best For You?

Adventure travels and enjoying the outdoors have become a popular leisure activity for families and friends. Among the necessary equipment that you’d need to bring with you are camping tents, which are now available in various types to suit the specific requirements of various travelers or campers.

There are even tents today that are made particularly for backpackers. You can also purchase the good quality surplus tents via

The family-type now comes in various styles and types. You can still find the classic ones that take quite some effort for you to set up, but there are many styles now that are very light and are easy to set up and pack. If you want a really sturdy and roomy shelter, go for the more conventional one.

They may be trickier to set up, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to get the hang of it. Especially in the outdoors, you really have to have the proper gear and equipment with you. If you need to be more mobile, though, go for the lighter ones.

One of these extremely portable shelters can easily fit inside your backpack. It usually weighs about 6 pounds or less, so it’s very easy to carry around. This tent type, however, is only good for up to three seasons and won’t stand to the winter season. The recommended styles of this type of tent are those with a lot of mesh material.