Best Tool for Heavy Lifting – Electric Hoist

An electric hoist is an electrically operated mechanical unit intended to raise, lower or move the load by means of the drum where the rope or chain wraps. One type is an electric chain hoist that uses a chain to raise or lower loads. 

This type of electric hoist is mostly strong and can be very helpful and efficient because it has a low cost, easy maintenance, and requires a simple operating procedure.

This mechanism can carry out tasks such as holding a high capacity load as used in the construction company or by the individual doing home repair or renovation. 

In addition, there are modified mounts to choose from, designed by many companies for additional installation specification or configuration that will go to a specific task. It is also known for its flexibility and durability to endure a less favourable environment. 

Basically, the electric chain hoist has the following parts: a drum, a cylinder shaped barrel where the chain is wound around for operation and storage; hook, which is a lifting attachment connected to the hoist; an idler which is used to support and guide the chain. 

The chains are responsible for lifting and lowering a load; and the trolley, which is a wheel mechanism supported by the frame in which the hoist is suspended. 

And because of the fierce competition, the added features designed by the company to improve product capability and efficiency.