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Metrotvbureau has come with world latest news today. Let’s find out some of the biggest news of the day. The Association Press – American multinational news agency is joining hands with newsreel icon British Movietone and seen going to put footage on the famous video-sharing website YouTube. These two news firms will soon add thousands of digitized movies on Youtube.

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Now, people can archive many historical events like the Pearl Harbor destruction, Bio of Elvis Presley, Life of Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe. The Association Press revealed that by 22nd July 2015 more than 550,000 videos of 1895 will get live on the video-sharing website. This will be one of the biggest upload sessions done by any news firm before. Some other topics will also be covered that include entertainment, political upheaval, sports, fashion and etc.

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The deadliest terrorist attacks occurred on late Monday in Turkey rocked the whole country, at the border city of Suruc. Turkish police fired water cannon and tear gas to scatter the attention of demonstrators. More than hundreds of protestors joined in Turkey to show their support for thirty-one victims.

The Turkish government has claimed this heart-breaking suicide bombing incident. Detroit is no more a city of peace, as these days Detroit police are on the look for 6 men who were accused of gang rapes. These accused are not identified, but the Detroit police have managed to make their sketches. Surely, China is a rapidly developing nation and soon planning to create a new supercity that would be seventeen times the size of Sydney.

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The name of this gigantic supercity would be megaregion. Jing-Jin-Ji in China is so big that it can be home to one hundred thirty million people. China previously has 2 megaregions, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. A high density of air pollution, traffic issues, and crowded populations have made Chinese people build such a huge project that was raised due to political pressure.

Let’s find out world latest news today on mobile. Samsung and Apple the two big mobile makers are planning to launch an e-sim standard that would be pre-embedded on the phone. Using this phone will enable you to change to specific carriers without buying new sim cards. NASA has planned to send robots to the moon to mine for fuel.

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Their main intention is to put people on the Moon by 2021 and then human living by 2030. Let’s check the world’s latest news today in Las Vegas. Due to the peak secret nature of the airline, little is known about its operations, but a few appealing details have been uncovered over the years. As passengers fly in and out of Las Vegas’ main commercial airport, few are aware they are sharing the space with a secret airline that holds the U.S. government’s biggest secrets.

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